by mara bochart

(Aug 6, 2018)
I was thinking of ALL THE THINGS i needed to get done today and what to do first and these words popped into my mind: 


I knew it was a Scripture verse and it had to do with Mary... I looked it up and was able to soak it in and meditate on this revealed Word! so humbled and so blessed.. such a privilege to be able to sit at our Lord's feet...  thank You Jesus!

Luke 10:38-42 TPT:

As Jesus and the disciples continued on their journey, they came to a village where a woman welcomed Jesus into her home. Her name was Martha and she had a sister named Mary.

Mary sat down attentively before the Master, absorbing every revelation He shared. 

But Martha became exasperated by finishing the numerous household chores in preparation for her guests, so she interrupted Jesus and said, “Lord, don’t you think it’s unfair that my sister left me to do all the work by myself? You should tell her to get up and help me.”
The Lord answered her, “Martha, my beloved Martha. Why are you upset and troubled, pulled away by all these many distractions? Are they really that important? 

Mary has discovered THE ONE THING most important by choosing to sit at My feet. She is undistracted, and I won’t take this privilege from her.”

mara bochart
mara bochart